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Tribal Feast Days

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Jan 1 Most Pueblos: Various dances, Transfer of Canes of Authority to new Tribal Officers

Jan 1 Taos Pueblo: Turtle Dance, marking the beginning of the new year

Jan 6 Most pueblos: King's Day Celebration in honor of new Tribal Officers, Antelope, Buffalo, Deer dances

Jan 22 San Ildefonso: Evening Firelight Dances

Jan 23 San Ildefonso: Pueblo Feast Day, Comanche, Buffalo and Deer dances throughout the day

Jan 25 Picuris Pueblo, Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan Pueblo: St Paul's Feast Day


Feb 2 Picuris Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo: Candelaria Day Celebration

1st weekend of Feb Old Acoma Pueblo: Governor's Feast Day, various dances

2nd week of Feb San Juan Pueblo: Deer dances


Mar 19 Laguna Pueblo: Saint Joseph's Feast Day, Harvest and various other dances

Easter Weekend Dances at most pueblos


April 26 - 27 - 28 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Powwow UNM Pit Arena


May 1 San Felipe Pueblo Feast Day, Corn dance

May 3 Taos Pueblo: Santa Cruz Feast Day, Corn dance, blessing of the fields, traditional foot races

May 7 Pueblo of Acoma: Santa Maria Feast Day

May 8 Jemez Pueblo: Giusewa Powwow, at Jemez State Monument

May 26 - 27 (Memorial Day Weekend) Jemez Pueblo: Weekend Jemez Red Rocks Arts and Crafts Show


June 2 (First Saturday in June) Tesuque Pueblo: Blessing of the Fields

June 13 Picuris, Sandia, San Idlefonso, Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan, Santa Clara and Taos Pueblos: St Anthony's Feast Day / San Antonio Feast Day, Comanche or Corn dance

June 16 - 17 (Father's Day weekend) Picuris Pueblo: High Country Arts & Crafts Festival

June 23 San Juan Pueblo: Vespers, foot race and Buffalo dance

June 24 Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan Pueblo: San Juan Feast Day, Corn dance. Comanche/Buffalo dance. Taos Pueblo: Corn dance

June 29 Santa Domingo Pueblo/Santa Ana Pueblo: Corn dances. San Pedro/St. Peter Feast Day


July 4 Nambe Pueblo: Celebration of the Waterfall. Mescalero Apache: Maiden's Puberty Rites & Mountain Spirits Dance

July 13 - 15 (Second weekend in July) Taos Pueblo: Annual Intertribal Powwow

July 14 Cochiti Pueblo: St. Bonaventure Feast Day, Corn dances

July 21-22 (Third weekend in July) Eight Northern Indian Pueblos 36th Annual Arts and Crafts Show

July 21 - 22 (Third weekend in July) Jicxarilla Apache: Little Beaver Celebration and Dances. Includes Pro-Indian/Open Rodeo, Powwow, dances, and more

July 25-26 San Ildefonso, Taos, Laguna, Santa Ana Pueblos: Santiago and Santa Ana Feast Day dances

July 27 - 29 (Last weekend in July) Zuni Pueblo: Zuni Arts and Cultural Expo


Aug 2 Jemez Pueblo: St. Persingula Feast Day, Corn dances

Aug 4 Santo Domingo Pueblo: Feast Day

Aug 8 - 12 Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial at Gallup

Aug 9 Picuris Pueblo: Vespers/Sunset Dances

Aug 10 Acoma Pueblo and Picuris: San Lorenzo Feast Day; various dances, ceremonial foot race and pole climbing

Aug 12 Santa Clara Feast Day; Buffalo, Harvest, or Corn dance

Aug 15 Assumption of Blessed Mother Feast Day at Laguna Pueblo with Harvest dance; Zia Pueblo Feast Day with Corn dances

Aug 24-26 (Third weekend in August) Zuni Tribal Fair

Aug 28 Isleta Pueblo: St. Augustine Feast Day. Mass in the morning, with a procession following the Mass. Dances in the afternoon


Sep 2 San Estevan Feast Day at Acoma Pueblo

Sep 1 - 2 (First weekend in Sept) Santo Domingo Pueblo: Annual Arts & Crafts Market

Sep 4 Isleta Pueblo: San Augustine Feast Day, Harvest dance

Sep 8 Nativity of Mary Feast Day, Corn Dances at San Ildefonso, Harvest dances at Laguna Pueblo

Sep 19 Laguna Pueblo: San Joseph's Feast Day

Sep 25 Laguna Pueblo: St Elizabeth Feast Day

Sep 29 Taos Pueblo: San Geronimo Eve, vespers and Sundown dance

Sep 30 Taos Pueblo: San Geronimo Feast Day; Buffalo dance, trade fair, pole climbing and early morning races


Oct 3 Nambe Pueblo: Evening firelight Vespers

Oct 4 Nambe Pueblo: St Francis of Assisi Feast Day, Buffalo and Deer dances

Oct 6 - 14 Albq Int'l Balloon Fiesta. Traditional dances, youth pow-wow, crowning of Lil' Miss IPCC at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque

Oct 6-7 Zuni Harvest Festival and Arts Market

Oct 17 Laguna Pueblo: St Margaret Mary Feast Day


Nov 12 Tesuque Pueblo, Jemez Pueblo: San Diego Feast Day, various dances

Nov 22 (Thanksgiving) Zuni Pueblo Christmas Lights Parade


Dec 12 Pojoaque Pueblo: Guadalupe Feast Day; Jemez Pueblo: Matachines dances

Dec 24 Sundown torchlight Procession of the Virgin, Vespers and Matachines Dances at Taos, Picuris and Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan Pueblos; Acoma Pueblo luminarias and dances; Mass and dances at Laguna, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Tesuque Pueblos

Dec 25 Matachines and various dances at Laguna, Picuris, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan, Tesuque, Taos and Zia Pueblos

Dec 26 Turtle Dance at Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan Pueblo; various dances at Santo Domingo Pueblo

Dec 28 Holy Innocents Day; children's dances at Santa Clara and Picuris Pueblos

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